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Auto Clear Cookies, a powerful cookies cleaner, enables you to wipe cookies from a single
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24 January 2010

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Whether you’ve to clean up cookies relating to a particular domain name or website, or wish to wipe out all browser cookies, you’d find Auto Clear Cookies application performing the task extremely well. The utility has specially been developed to aid you in deleting cookies placed by a specific website, or else wipe entire browser cookies of Mozilla Firefox and IE. The application proves beneficial when you just want to delete cookies from just one website, but have to spend much time deleting huge amount of entire collected cookies. The program interfaces is simple and comprises of extremely easy functions for deleting cookies as per your requirement. It indirectly also helps you in maintaining and protecting your online privacy by allowing you to delete the unwanted cookies placed in your computer.

Auto Clear Cookies opens with an attractive and pleasing interface with options placed in two sections. The upper section is to ‘Clear All Cookies’, where you’re provided with options ‘Clear Internet Explorer Cookies’ and ‘Clear Firefox Cookies’. Clicking any of these options would erase the entire cookies placed by the browser over your PC till now. The second section is ‘Delete Website Cookies’; here you’ve to enter the website name such as,,, etc. You even need not write www or any other prefix with the main website address. The utility, after clicking ‘Delete Cookies’, automatically detects and deletes cookies from domain and other variations of it like It’s helpful when a forum or website is keeping an eye over online activities or has banned you. The program doesn’t comprise of any complex configurations, and functions efficiently to wipe cookies.

Using the Auto Clear Cookies you can easily delete specific or all browser cookies placed within your system. For its effective and reliable functioning and easy-to-use options, the program is given 3.5 rating points.

Publisher's description

Auto Clear Cookies is a powerful cookies cleaner which enables you to wipe cookies from a single website or domain name, or purge all browser cookies from Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.
If you are tired of deleting all your cookies when you want to clear the cookies of just one website, then Auto Clear Cookies is right for you. Remove cookies by domain name or part of a domain. For example, type "facebook" and press the "Delete Cookies" button to wipe all cookies from,, and all sites that contains the word "facebook".
Auto Clear Cookies is very useful if a website or forum has banned you or is monitoring your online activity with tracking cookies. This powerful cookies cleaner can also wipe ALL cookies from Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. Auto Clear Cookies also allows you to un-ban yourself on many websites and "reset" your website status with a given domain.
By safely wiping unwanted cookies from your PC, Auto Clear Cookies provides a powerful level of protection guarding your online privacy.
Auto Clear Cookies
Auto Clear Cookies
Version 2.1.4
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